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Analysis of Macruz index of cardiac activity of cows of jersey breed with different vegetative status

Biological Sciences , UDC: 612.13 DOI: 10.25688/2076-9091.2023.51.3.03


  • Stepura Evgeny Evgenievich Candidate of Biological Sciences


The Macruz index in Jersey cattle has not yet been studied, and its normal values are not described in the available literature. ECG characteristics and heart rate variability were analyzed in 103 Jerseys. To analyze and record the ECG of Jersey cattle, the CONAN-4.5 program was used on the frontal lead-off system according to the method of M. P. Roschevsky. Given the subtle mechanisms of autonomic regulation of the heart, it is necessary to expand the diagnostic base for very common cardiovascular diseases in cattle. Analysis of heart rate variability (HRV) is a widely used method in medical practice to assess autonomic regulation and the state of the heart. Mathematical analysis of heart rate to determine the state of the ANS is important for the pathogenetic treatment of many diseases. The study of indicators and indices of heart rate variability is of great importance in veterinary medical and preventive work.

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Stepura, E. E. (2023). Analysis of Macruz index of cardiac activity of cows of jersey breed with different vegetative status Bulletin of the Moscow City Pedagogical University. Series "Pedagogy and Psychology", 2023, №3 (51), 37. https://doi.org/10.25688/2076-9091.2023.51.3.03
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