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Social Prerequisites for Physical Culture Formation , UDC: 378.015.312:394.3 DOI: 10.25688/2076-9091.2024.53.1.12


  • Borissovets Dilbar Rafkatovna
  • Razmakhova Svetlana Yurievna PhD of Biological Sciences, Associate Professor


The article discusses the issues of identifying the interests and motivation of students when using national folk games in physical education classes. In the study, the authors present the results of the attitude of students of low-level fitness areas of various specialties of the Moscow City Pedagogical University to folk games used in physical education classes, as well as the results of the study of motor skills after the introduction of the game “lyang” in elective physical culture classes. The work is aimed at fostering a sustainable interest in a healthy lifestyle and the development of physical qualities through the introduction of national games. Studies have shown that the use of elements of the game of lyang is advisable for use in classes with students with a low level of motor activity, since lyang increases dexterity and develops a competitive spirit.

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Borissovets, D. R. & Razmakhova, S. Y. (2024). NATIONAL FOLK GAMES: IMPROVING MOTOR SKILLS IN PHYSICAL CULTURE CLASSES Bulletin of the Moscow City Pedagogical University. Series "Pedagogy and Psychology", № 1 (53), 146. https://doi.org/10.25688/2076-9091.2024.53.1.12
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